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2017 EVENT

Event dates and locations are subject to change so be sure to check back often for any updates.

If you are not a member of the Great Lakes AWSC feel free to contact us about attending an event.

Date and Time



September 9  - 8:00 am Training Cohoctah Meadows, Howell, MI
This will be the last organized event of 2017. It is a training day for dogs of all ages and skill sets. The birds used at this event will be chukar, pheasant, quail, or pigeons. The preliminary schedule for 2018 will be posted near the end of 2017 and members will be notified accordingly.

As a club our objective is to help one another obtain the goals each individual sets for his dog and in so doing work for the benefit of everyone not just ourselves. Members that attend training days need to help one another with the process and stay from beginning to end whenever possible. Obviously there will be days when exceptions to this later point need to be made but the primary point is that people arriving very late or leaving very early are not pulling their weight in the training process. Everyone, whether a duck or upland hunter, a hunter or a hunt tester, a retriever or spaniel enthusiast, needs his or her dog skilled in the things we train for at every session. We need all attendees to help one another in whatever way they can.

Unless otherwise noted, training takes place at Cohoctah Meadows Farm in Howell, MI.      Map and Directions

If you have never been to a training event and are unsure of what to bring there her is a list of suggestions.

Training begins at 9:00 AM sharp. Socializing and setup will take place one hour before training begins.

Generally speaking we use chukar for training. but there are times where we may have pigeons, pheasant or ducks.

Training sessions boil down to three key areas of work - obedience, retrieving and upland. What areas are worked on will be determined by the dog's owner and the trainers assigned to help. Some of the more typical elements of each area are as follows:



We will begin with basic retrieving skills